Job Search Visa for Blue Card Applicants (High-Skilled Immigrants) or Blue Card Visa?

If you qualify as a highly skilled individual under the EU Blue Card directive (click here) you have the option to apply for a job search visa at the German embassy in your home country or country of residence. This visa allows you to come to Germany and search for a job. Once you secure employment, you can then apply for the residence permit within Germany.

Applying for the blue card from abroad is often a faster process. The German embassy will not send your application to the German aliens office for acceptance, but rather to the responsible German labor agency. To proceed with this application, you will need an employment contract, and it's essential that your employer firmly commits to the job offer pending job permission.

It's crucial to plan this visa application carefully with your lawyer, as a rejection from the embassy may cause difficulties in obtaining visas for Schengen states and Germany in the future. Ensuring a well-prepared and successful application is vital to avoid any future complications.

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