Your Visa Lawyer for Germany - The Berlin Administrative Court is Reponsible for all Visa Applications of the German Embassies

As a lawyer specialized in immigration law, I represent you with the purpose of obtaining your visa or your spouse to spouse reunification in Germany.  You can engage me for the family reunification to your spouses, or children and other family members. I fight for the reunion to same-sex partners. I  represent you in visit visas and student visas. You need a blue card visa for Germany (relaxed regulation for immigration for high skilled specialists) - you need a business visa? I help you with your visa application at the German embassy. I file in cases against the German embassy to the Berlin Administrative Court and the Supreme Administrative Court in Berlin.

Legal proceedings against the German Embassy - as represented by the Foreign Office - always lead to the Administrative Court of Berlin. So you need a lawyer in Berlin.  After consultation, I can perceive files for your lawyer from another city of Germany in Berlin.

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Judgement of the Federal Administrative Court on 04.09.2012 - BVerwG 10 C 12.12

Limitation of language requirement for familiy reunification with Germans

The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig has decided that the statutory requirement to demonstrate knowledge of German in case of a family reunification with the foreign spouse to a German citizen is only valid restricted.  Unlike the reunion of foreign nationals here visa for spouses must already be granted even if there are efforts to acquire simple language skills in individual cases. The visa should be issued if the German test is not possible within a year.

Judgement of the Federal Administrative Court on 30.03.2010 - BVerwG 1 C 8:09

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