German Skilled Labour Immigration Act

German BMI (Federal Ministry of the Interior) informs:


"Germany needs skilled workers. Good education and training for employees in Germany is the top priority and the most important pillar of the federal government's skilled labour strategy. In addition, demographic change makes it necessary to attract well-qualified skilled workers from other countries to the German economy. To this end, new perspectives for skilled workers from non-EU countries have been created within the framework of the Immigration of Skilled Labour Immigration Act.


Opening up the labour market


The Immigration Skilled Labour Act regulates targeted and controlled immigration into the German labour market. It is thus fully open not only to highly qualified people, but also to people with recognised vocational training who are urgently needed by our economy. The previous restriction to bottleneck occupations is no longer applicable. Two factors are important for labour migration: economic needs and qualifications. A skilled worker must have a concrete job offer so that he or she can remain long-term and the qualification must be of equal value (i.e. the professional recognition must be available). No priority check is carried out for skilled workers. However, it can be reintroduced at short notice if the labour market situation deteriorates."


This is only the federal government's draft legislation.


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